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Anti-fog headband FFP2 grade round mask non-woven Dust Mask Anti-Haze Flu, Anti-PM2.5 Protective Mask

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😷1. Low breathing resistance for increased wearer comfort, Lightweight & comfortable.

😷2. Elasticated straps, PP inner with no loose fibers

😷3. Protection against solid and water-based liquid aerosols

😷4. For use in low toxicity dust areas when used in

😷5. Effectively blocks 95% of bacteria and viruses, including new pneumonia virus, with the same effect as N95.


Non-woven masks for one-time items, easy to use, and make relevant purification.

Against carbon,against odors.

More Carbon Odor Filter.

Direction for use:

1. Fit the respirator and check leak-ight ness BEFORE en ten ng the contaminated area

2. Wear the respirator for the whole duration of exposure to contaminants.

3. Use the respirator in accordance with applicable health and safety regulations.

4. Discard the respirator and replace with a new one if*the respirator is re roved while in acontaminated area*excessive clogging of the respirator causes breathing dii culty ordiscomfort*the respirator becomes damaged*(for respirators protecting against vapours-thesmell of vapours present becomes detectable.

5. Leave the contaminated area if dizziness, irritation or other distress occurs.

6. Only for single use, No maintenance necessary.Do not store and/or re-use after single use.m Discard the respirator after single use(one shift, maximum) .

7. Keep un-used respirators in their closed box and store in a dry non-contaminated areabetween+2 and+55deg.


Material: non-woven fabric

Color: white

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