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100-200 pcs Face Disposable Masks 3 Layers Dustproof Mask Facial Protective Cover Masks Anti-Dust Bacteria Proof Flu Face Mask

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Important note

The mask that does not have melting spray cloth does not have filter effect, although cheap but cannot protect you, do not neglect your health to save money!

1. This product is a disposable civil mask, not a medical mask.2. The mask has three layers, the first layer is non-woven cloth, the second layer is melted spray cloth, the third layer is non-woven cloth, waterproof and fireproof, good air permeability.
3. It can be used for protection in daily life. It is recommended to discard it after taking it off.
4. Quantity: 50 PCS/box.
5. In general, 1-3 replacements are needed in a day. More than 200pcs/people are recommended in the worst-affected emergency countries

6. When wearing, the light color is facing the face, with the side of the wire facing up. After wearing, gently press the wire into the bridge of the nose with your hand to make it close to the bridge of the nose.
7. When wearing a mask, it is not recommended to touch the mask with your hand. This is very easy to stick the virus on your hand and come into contact with vulnerable areas such as the eyes.
8. After taking off the mask, fold it inwards in half and discard it. Wash your hands promptly.
9. I hope you and your country can get through the epidemic as soon as possible and wish you good health.

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