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10Pcs N95 Mask Anti Virus Flu Anti Infection KN95 Mouth Protective Masks Protective Face Masks Same as 4 Layers Korea KF94 FFP2

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How long will it take my mask to arrive?

-If you payment, your mask will be ship within 24 hours.

About N95 masks:

N95 mask can isolate smaller particles, and fit tighter to the face, it is not easy to leak air from the periphery, and the filtration efficiency of particulate matter can reach 95% under standard conditions.

4 Layers Filter function:

1.The first layer: spunbond cloth, filter the dust of micron

2.The second layer: to filter industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke pollen allergies

3.The third layer: filter density, smaller material

4.The fourth layer: Spunbond cloth, filter out all kinds of harmful substances;

Product List:

10 x KN95 Mask


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