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[20pcs] KN95 Anti Virus Mouth Mask Respirator Protection Flu Facial Gas Antivirus Face Masks Fpp1 Fpp3 Ffp2 Ffp3 N95 Kf94 N 95

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Mask Specifications

Color: White
Production date:2020/03
Protection level: KN95 = FFP2
Packing list: 1 piece = 1 pack

The packaging bags may be different due to different product batches


Keeping you safe from Viruses ,Fog, Smog, Dust, Air Pollution, Allergens, And Humidity Thus Keeping You Healthy And Safe From Many Diseases.


High qulity filter media with advanced static-charged microfibers helps to make exhalation easier and inhales, thus enhancing the comfort of everyone.
A two-head strap design with a two-point attachment helps provide a secure fit.
Adjustable nose clips and comfortable foam reduce fogging and provide a more customized fit.
The lightweight construction improves comfort during use and increases wear time.


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