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2PCS Cotton Dustproof Protective Mask Activated Carbon Filter Windproof And Flu Mask Equivalent With 10 Filter y

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Material: high-quality cotton
Applicable gender: Unisex (male / female)
Function: Anti-PM2.5, smog, industrial pollution control, vehicle exhaust, dust, second-hand smoke, pollen allergy, keep cold, etc.
1. Plastic nose, which effectively increases the breathing space of the nose, making breathing more comfortable and soft; the adjustable nose pad can fit the face according to the shape of each person’s nose, making the sealing effect better
2. Elasticity has great elasticity, making it more comfortable to wear
3. The intimate U-shaped design increases the comfort and the tightness of the mouth and chin without affecting the language of communication.
4, gifts: 2 masks + 10 filters with certificate + plus anti-fog nose stickers + ear rope adjustment mouth

5, plug-in design, simple side
6, high-density, soft, warm, good moisture permeability and absorption effect of polypropylene fabric, so that the breath exhaled it is the outer layer of absorbent cotton surface to keep dry, comfortable, durable effect
1, the plug-in filter cannot be cleaned, it is recommended to replace it for a week
2. The oil in the membrane or the grease with the sticky point of the deposit has been used up. Replace the filter.
3: Prohibition for children under two years of age
Cleaning method:
1. The plug-in filter cannot be cleaned, it is recommended to replace it once a week.
2. It is recommended to dilute the neutral detergent with dilution water. The filter will remove the mask in the water, gently rub it with your hands, and dry it in a cool, inflated place.
3. Do not immerse in too much liquid or water to avoid using bleach.
4. Organize the cleaning cycle. According to the use recommendations, generally recommend 1-2 weeks cleaning time.

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