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3Pcs/Set Child Face Mask For Kids PM2.5 Dustproof Smoke Proof Flu Pollution Mask Washable Respirator Mask Protective Mask

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About the product:

1. Anti-allergy Materials: made of anti-allergy Polyurethane fabric, Very high filtration rate of PM2.5, pollen,etc. 99% protection effect. The mask is breathable, comfortable, soft and skin-friendly. Non-toxic and odorless. Polyurethane’s superior performance is widely used in textile, defense, aviation, and not ordinary non-woven masks can be compared.

2. Comfortable fit on the face: Hanging ear design, no tight ears, comfortable to wear, close to the contours of the face, the upper and lower arcs are designed according to the golden ratio which makes you look nice. also suitable for popular stars who want to hide from fans.

3. Three-dimensional mesh design, fine processing to achieve high density dust barrier space, no need for multi-layer design, when you wear this mask for a long time, there will be no feeling of lack of oxygen or shortness of breath.

4. Adult style &kids style: adult white/adult gray/adult black/kid boys/kid girls.

5. Dust mask mouth mask Perfect For Travel – Airplane, public areas, Pollen ,weakened immune system, outdoors, Pets & Dog Grooming, Sanding & Drywall. Which block 99.997% bacteria, block allergens, pollen & airborne contaminants down to 0.1 microns, and reduce moisture loss by 88%.

Applicable Gender: Adult style &kids style (male / female)

Free Size: one size fits all

Style choice: adult white/adult gray/adult black/kid boys/kid girls.


Even if our Polyurethane mask is cleaned 3-8 times, the dust isolation rate can be guaranteed. It can be cleaned by simply rubbing with water. It is not recommended to use detergent.

Package include:

3Pcs/Set* Mouth Mask Unisex Kids Teens Men Women

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