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50PCS adult children disposable mouth Nonwoven mask smog Antivirus masks flu 3 Layer Meltblown Ply Filter Mouth Face Mask

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50 tablets

Please note:

When wearing the mask, do not pull the ropes on both sides too much, otherwise they will break.

Disposable, lightweight, comfortable, odorless, fiberglass, non-irritating to the skin, and smooth. Wear our allergen dust caps at work or on the go to stay healthy and safe. They are suitable for adults and children, protect the airways of pollutants and allergens, help you breathe more easily and keep germs.

Soft elastic nose for individually adjustable face

High 98.8% BFE (biofiltration efficiency) 3.0 u m particle size, low air permeability, prevent air particles, odor

For removing various pollutants, bad odors and organic vapors

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