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50pcs Anti-fog Mask Gasket Disposable Dust Mask Filter Anti-flu Formaldehyde Odor Bacteria Protection Mask Protection Sheet

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Disposable dust mask filters increase the number of times the mask is used, maintain hygiene inside the mask, and extend the life of the mask.
Three-layer structure, non-woven upper and lower layers, melt-blown layer in the middle.
Light and breathable, comfortable and non-feeling.
3D three-dimensional structure perfectly fits the face.
Double adhesive is fixed to prevent displacement.
Provide protection against influenza formaldehyde odor bacteria.
Adopt aseptic and hygienic standards Safety and hygiene This product is a disposable gasket. Do not reuse it.

Name: Replaceable mask protective pad
Material: Non-woven filament, Meltblown filter cloth
Color: as shown
Specification: 50 pieces in a box (each piece is packed separately)

The package includes:
50 pieces of mask protective pad

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