5pcs Windproof Anti Dust Mask PM2.5 Mouth Mask Activated Carbon Filter Mouth-muffle Bacteria Proof Flu Face Masks Wholesale

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About The Product:
Material: PP anti-sticking cloth + meltblown cloth + activated carbon cloth
Uses: anti-odor, anti-dust, anti-gas, anti-bacterial, anti-PM2.5 Allergies,Smoke,Pollution,Ash, Pollen;
Scope: dust masks, self-use masks, beauty salons, pet shop masks, factory masks, food processing masks, environmental cleaning masks and other protective dust can be placed.
The mask filter provide comfortable protection for people.Suggest replace the fliters every week of uses for the best effect.
Suit for kind of PM2.5 Face masksSuit for kind of PM2.5 Face masks.
Application: hospitals, out, site, tourism, colds, operating workshops, farms, haze weather, cold and warm

Filter function:
1.The first layer: spunbond cloth, filter the dust of micron
2.The second layer: to filter industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke pollen allergies
3.The third layer: activated carbon cloth, benzene and a smaller function of filtering dust microns
4.The fourth layer: filter density, smaller material
5.The fifth layer: Spunbond cloth, filter out all kinds of harmful substances;

1, plug-in filter can not be cleaned, it is recommended 1-2 weeks to replace a;
2, the filter oil on the film or with sticky sediment stains are more, please replace the filter
3, the air is not smooth, breathing difficult or sleep, wear is not recommended
4, 2 weeks the following child lung capacity is low, is not recommended
Simple PP bag packaging

Package:5Pcs PM2.5 Filter Paper Anti Haze Mouth Mask Anti Dust Mask Filter Paper