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Anti-Dust Dustproof Prevent Flu Disposable Earloop Face Mouth Masks Facial Protective Cover Masks

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The best disposable earhook masks are best for you

Filter masks help reduce spread the flu and prevent your friends, family and others from catching a cold.

It is a combination of polypropylene non-woven fabric and polypropylene fusion fabric, which meets the national standard for disposable sanitary products.

3 layers of protection, effective dustproof, breathable, anti-allergy and sterilization, can block dust and microorganisms, non-irritating to the skin and prevent allergies.

The smooth fabric reduces the shedding of the fabric, and is disposable, maintenance-free, convenient, practical, safe and healthy.

Suitable for surgery, flu protection, sand storm weather, pollen allergy protection, etc.



Item Type : Masks

Function : Personal

Material : Non-woven fabric

Size : about 10*5cm

Quantity : 1 pcs* Disposable mouth mask

Package Included:

1 pcs* Disposable mouth mask

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