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Anti-Haze Masks Molipow Travel Size Portable Breath Air Purifier HEPA Filtration Anti Dust Flu Formaldehyde

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Product description
This is a travel-sized portable breath air purifier with a mask suitable for pregnant women, children, the elderly, office workers or any other to protect themselves from severe haze PM2.5, dust, secondhand smoke, formaldehyde and so on. It’s your travel necessity when you’re in bad air. Let’s enjoy breathing with it!

Cell type: lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity: 2000mah
Input voltage: 5V1A
Working temperature: 0 ℃ -50 ℃
Weight: 252G
Purification technology: HEPA / HESA filter
Filtration efficiency: 99.7%
Air volume: Working time: 6.5 ~ 12.5 hours

USB chargable host parts with Cellular cover, low-noise and big air volume
Equipped with HEPA Filter of high 99.77% filtration and degerming activated carbon
High power fan with active air supply and three-way switch for air volume
Fitted masks with medical material and standard design
Threaded air hose, Sanative and long lasting

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