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Anti Pollution PM2.5 Mask Washable Reusable Muffle Multi-purpose Face Mouth Mask Flu Dust Exhaust Filter Respirator Masks

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1.Sun and wind, dust and pollution, snowand rain… Ah, your face is under great exposure to these harmful factors. Imean, when you are on a bicycle riding, skiing, or other outdoor sports. So if you wanna provide great protection to your face, you really need this face maskto get what you want.

2.Made of high quality lycra, this facemask provides great protection to your face from sun, wind, cold and snow.Soft, and comfortable. Its breathable material allows easy breath but ultraprotection.

3.It is ideal for the use when riding,skiing, and other outdoor sports. Also it is perfect to be the essentialequipment of war games, paintball and hunting.

4.It is versatile to be used all the yeararound. In summer, it is sweat absorption and protect from the sun. In winter,it helps to protect from wind and cold. Really practical.

5. Simple fresh color, this is a greataccessory to be fashion and functionality at the same time.


Material: Cotton Lycra, Velour, etc.

Size: 30*12*4cm

Package Weight: 10g

Color: Black/ Gray/ Red/ Blue

(Due to the quality differentiation ofmonitors and lighting effect, the picture may not reflect 100% the actual colorof the item.)

Package Included:

1 x Outdoor Sports Half Face mask

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