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Black Double Valve mouth Mask anti dust mask Activated carbon filter Windproof Mouth-muffle proof Flu Face masks Care

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Product description:
Product name: breathable valve mask
Section A1: Double valve mask
Section A2: Single Valve Mask
Section B1: Double valve mask + filter pad
Section B2: Single valve mask + filter pad

Product Size:
Mask size: 28cm * 10CM

For the crowd: unisex
Features: High flexibility
Tensile Strength
Good comfort
How to use: Put the disposable mask inside the ordinary mask
Can be replaced with odor
Disposable mask pad
One use
Keep the inside of the mask clean
Extend the use of the mask

1. Wear-resistant and difficult to deform Good wear resistance, the disc is soft and difficult to deform.
It has the good properties of extended wood c and can be comfortably pasted in Hu County.
2. Durable after cleaning, breathable, reusable mask can be reused many times, even if it is washed many times, it will not reduce the dust removal rate of the mask.
3.The valve makes breathing and circulation smoother
4. The elastic feet are not easily deformed. The fabric is delicate, skin-friendly, super-fine sponge, soft, skin-friendly, and soft to the touch, providing you with comfortable protection.
5, 3D grid filter structure
Unique 3D mesh filter structure / dust separation resistance up to 90%
6.Disposable mask gasket
Keep the inside of the mask clean / extend the life of the mask

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