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Clear Safety Grinding Face Screen hat Mask For Visors Eye Face Protection Anti-Dust Windproof Bacteria Proof Flu Men Women

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Anti-fog fisherman hat

Colour: Black
Style: Fisherman hat, baseball hat
Material: cotton
Hat circumference: 66cm
Function: Anti-fog, dust release

In this particular case, you need this hat to give you and your family all-round protection
If the epidemic situation does not need the front mask, you can cut it. The transparent part is cut into a regular fisherman hat.

1.Anti-fog fisherman hat, It can protect the face, mouth and nasal cavity. 360-degree wraparound without dead corners to care for your face and block!
2.The material of the hat is cotton and PTU.One Size :fit your head and hairstyle.
3.Strong protection, stop dust and keep away from droplets! A must-have for travel during the flu!
4.It’s safer to go out to buy food, go to the market, and take the train!
5.Classic fisherman hat design, epidemic prevention and sun protection are beautiful!


100% brand new and high quality

The respirator use: permeability is good Don’t boring Can achieve the effect of

dust The bridge of the nose with aluminum strip can be fixed role. No particle

Non-woven masks for one-time items, easy to use, and make relevant purification

treatment, can be used for food. The medical, pharmaceutical, electronics,

textiles. Clean room operators, also can be used to do everyday products. Many


Advantages: ventilation, dust and filter bacteria

Material:Non-woven fabric

Masks specification: 17x 9cm three layers

Color: Blue

Model Number

Virus Protective Hat



Function 1

Anti-fog fisherman hat



hat Material

cotton and PTU

Function 2

Anti-fog dust release Anti-saliva

Function 3

go out to buy food, go to the market, and take the train

Masks Material

Non-woven fabric

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