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Cotton Non-woven KN95 PM2.5 Mouth Masks Anti Flu Dust Activated Carbon Filter Mouth-Muffle N95 Respirator Mask

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1,After wearing the mask, adjustable nose piece according to each person different nose shape to get fit with the face, so that the sealing effect is better, and the user wearing the glasses can effectively reduce the fogging after adjustment.

2, the adjustable size of elastic earloop, so that more comfortable to wear comfortable.

3, the next along the intimate U-shaped design, increase the mouth and jaw comfort and sealing, does not affect the language of communication

4, insert the 5 layer filter PM2.5 filter (come with 2pcs PM2.5 Filter paper)

5, plug-in design

6, Soft, warm, good moisture permeability and wicking effect, it keeps the face dry and comfortable, lasting effect.

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