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Cotton PM2.5 Black mouth Mask anti dust mask Activated carbon filter Windproof Mouth-muffle bacteria proof Flu Face masks

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-Breathing valve* masks (without inner core), our dust masks will help protect your lungs from pollution, droplets, PM2.5, dust, flu, formaldehyde odor, bacteria, paint, particles, insulated air And other material violations.
-With breathing valve*, silicone stop piece, open when exhaling and close when inhaling. Large-caliber valve* increases air circulation and makes breathing easier. Multi-directional drainage valve* cover guides the exhaled air to be dissipated around, avoiding fogging when wearing glasses.
-Three-dimensional fit, high elasticity and breathability, modified face shape, free breathing.
-Ideal for cleaning, woodworking, mowing, etc. It can also be used as a hypoallergenic mask, filtering allergic pollen and flu masks. Our customers use masks for running and cycling, etc.

Product Name: Masks
Suitable for: Cycling masks

The package includes:1 mask

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