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Haze Respirator Mask Mouth Mask Design Carbon Filter Face Respirator Anti Allergy Activat Carbon Proof Flu Dust Mask Cotton Mask

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How to choose a mask

The masks we see in stores are generally of the following types:

1: N95/KN95/FFP2/KF94

These masks are the first choice when we buy masks. The filtration rate can reach 95% and the protection effect is good. If there is a shortage, we can use them repeatedly for 3-4 times,

2: Medical surgical mask

Medical surgical mask is a mask worn by medical staff at work. It is mainly used in medical clinics, laboratories, operating rooms and other medical environments with high requirements, high safety factor, strong resistance to bacteria and viruses, but the service time is generally 4 hours,

3: Ordinary mask

Including disposable protective mask, KN90, FFP1, cotton mask. The filtering effect of these masks is very low, but much better than that without masks

Note: be sure to wear a mask, no matter what kind of mask has a certain protective effect. Please keep healthy,

What is the function of mask

4 Layer filtering function:

1: First layer: spunbond, filter micron dust

2: Second layer: filter industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand fireworks powder allergy

3: The third layer: activated carbon cloth, benzene and smaller filter dust micron

4. The fifth layer: spunbond, filter out all kinds of harmful substances;

Keep you healthy by keeping you away from fog, smoke, dust, air pollution, allergens and moisture. PM 2.5 filtration, 96.66% efficiency

Product packaging

Material: non woven

Size: 11.5×11.5cm/4.53×4.53in

Function: prevent phlegm, sand, dust, haze, bacteria, etc

Size: everything

Gender: neutral

2/5/10 pieces / bag

Tip: the best protection is to hold the tip of the nose tightly with a mask

The products are in short supply. There are 5-6 cooperative factories. In order to meet the 24-hour delivery, there will be slight differences in the packaging and style of each factory, but the protection level is kn95, and the materials used are all recognized by the state,Can’t accept this condition please don’t order


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