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In Stock 50pcs/Box Face Mask 4 Layers Prevent Bacteria Anti Dust Activated Carbon Fliter Proof Flu Mouth Masks Fast Delivery

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Four-layer activated carbon face mask

Packing: Each 5pcs masks are individually packaged, and 50 are re-entered into the inner box. Easy to carry and hygienic.

50 pcs / box IN STOCK and FAST DELIVERY !!!

1. Adopt the current new type of adsorption and filtering material-activated carbon fiber, which has the functions of bacteria filtering, dust blocking, etc .;
2. Particularly suitable for occasions containing organic gases, acid volatiles, pesticides, SO2, CL2 and other irritating gases, with significant anti-toxic effect;
3. It can effectively prevent ordinary dust masks that are ineffective but harmful dust and a variety of germs transmitted by the respiratory tract. It is an ideal protective equipment for individuals.

Five-layer structure of activated carbon mask:

Moisture-proof layer: (outer layer) prevents mist and moisture from penetrating.

Activated carbon layer: (middle layer) adsorbs organic gases that are harmful to the human body and deodorizes.

Double-layer filter layer: (Medium 2 and 3) Block fine dust, bacteria invade human body. Double barrier, better protection!

Super-soft fiber layer: (inner layer) is extremely skin-friendly, it can absorb sweat and oil, and increase comfort during wearing.

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