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Mask Mascarilla Maska 3pcs Face Pm2.5 Valved Mask Anti Bacteria Filtered Flu Filter Earloop Маски

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3PCS Face PM2.5 Valved Mask Anti Bacteria Filtered Flu Filter Earloop

Protect your breathing health with you:

1. 180° dustproof and breathable.

2. Functional nose pad designed to prevent fogging and isolate outside air.

3. Triple structure design that is comfortable for long-term skin wear.

4. Elastic band ear hook.

5. Efficient fil tration:Non-woven fabric Filter large particles,dust, and flying floes,Intermediate electrostatic cotton Adsorption of PM2.5, haze, ventilation, dust,Inner cloth Antibacterial material.

Disposable dust respirator, anti-flu, formaldehyde odor, and bacteria respirator.

Three-layer filter element, highly effective filtering protection, dust filtering up to 95%.

Functional nose pad design to isolate outside air and prevent fogging.

The triple structure design will not damage the skin if worn for a long time.

Elastic ear straps for easy stretch wear.

Anti-fog, antibacterial, anti-mist PM2.5, pollen, etc.

Material: non-woven fabric

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The package includes:

3pc masks

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