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Medical Surgical Disposable Mask 95% Meltblown Cloth Filter Protective Anti Flu Anti Infection Respirator Dust Earloop Face Mask

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About Medical Surgical Mask

☻Medical surgical masks are masks worn by medical staff at work.
☻It is mainly used in medical clinics, laboratories, operating rooms and other high-demand medical environments, with a relatively high safety factor and strong resistance to bacteria and viruses.
☻Medical surgical masks can also be used to prevent the spread of influenza and respiratory diseases.

The main technical indicators of medical surgical masks

Medical surgical masks must comply with China’s pharmaceutical industry standard YY 0469-2011 “Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks”. The main technical indicators are as follows:
☻Filtration efficiency: Under the condition of air flow (30 ± 2) L / min, the filtration efficiency for aerodynamic median diameter (0.24 ± 0.06) μm sodium chloride aerosol is not less than 30%;
☻Bacterial filtration efficiency: Under specified conditions, the filtration efficiency of Staphylococcus aureus aerosol with an average particle diameter of (3 ± 0.3) μm is not less than 95%;
☻Breathing resistance: under the condition of filtration efficiency and flow rate, the inhalation resistance does not exceed 49Pa, and the exhalation resistance does not exceed 29.4Pa;
☻(4) Penetration of synthetic blood: After 2ml of synthetic blood is sprayed on the outer side of the mask at a pressure of 16.0kPa (120mmHg), the inner side of the mask should not penetrate.

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