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Mouth Mask Men Women Cotton Anti Dust Mask Mouth Mask Windproof Mouth-muffle Bacteria Proof Flu Face Masks

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Product name: Disposable Mask

Material: high-quality non-woven fabric

Single product size: about 17.5 * 9 * 0.1cm/6.89*3.54*0.04in

Product weight: about 2g


5pcs product size: 17.5 * 9 * 0.5cm/6.89*3.54*0.20in

Product weight: 10g

10pcs product size: 17.5 * 9 * 1cm/6.89*3.54*0.39in

Product weight: 20g

20pcs product size: 17.5 * 9 * 2cm/6.89*3.54*0.79in

Product weight: 40g

Packing List A(for optional):

5 x Mask

Packing List B(for optional):

10 x Mask

Packing List(for optional):

20 x Mask


1. Used to cover the nose and mouth, to block particles of the air.

2. Suitable for most people, comfortable to use, no skin irritation.

How to use:

1. Open the mask.

2. Ensure your skin is dry.

3. Place the nasal line on the mask on the bridge of the nose and make it smooth.

4. Unfold the mask to completely cover the mouth and nose.

5. Fix the strap of the mask to the ear.


1. Due to manual measurement, a tolerance of 1-2mm may be triggered, which is normal.

2. If the packaging is damaged, please do not use the mask. Do not use the mask twice. Discard and dispose of the masks carefully.

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