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Nose Mask Pit Anti-dust Invisible Mask PM 2.5 Nasal Filter Cotton Mask Flu Allergy Protection Filter 3pairs Breathing Mask Care

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Standard number R (all yards): suitable for normal and nostrils slightly larger friends

Standard 1 day wash 2 times, each box 9 loaded with 45 days.


1. Can effectively prevent PM2.5 size particles, this indicator is certified.

Note that not all masks can prevent PM2.5, which is the biggest difference.

2. Can be washed repeatedly, do not need to replace every day, more economical and durable

Invisible Mouthpiece

– easy to face PM2.5, no longer bound by the mask

– more beautiful, more comfortable

– summer is essential

Pollen, yellow sand, dust, antivirus

3 pairs of 15 days usage. The

Reusable ecotype wash! (Twice a day for cleaning purposes.)

● 99% certified PEF test!

● absorbed by sponge filter!

● catch the non-woven filter!

● evolved from the evolution of the mask made!

● feel easy to use!

● One size is suitable for everyone

3 = 1 box

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