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PM2.5 Black Mouth Mask Adult Child Anti-fog Haze Fashion Antibacterial Dustproof Mask Bacteria Proof Flu Face Mask Reusable 2pcs

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Precautions 1. It is not recommended to wear it when there is no air circulation, smooth breathing or sleep. 2. Infants under six years of age are not recommended for use because of low vital capacity. 3. This product cannot be used for the protection and filtering of harmful gas or steam. 4. Use with caution in patients with severe respiratory diseases, patients with COPD, and patients with cardiovascular diseases. Applicable instructions: It can be sterilized and recycled. It is recommended to clean it once a day. After adding neutral detergent and cold water, gently scrub and wash until it is naturally dry and disinfected. Do not put it in the washing machine or wash it with other objects. Do not immerse it in detergent or water for a long time. Do not use bleach. When the mask is not worn, please fold it in the direction of the skin surface and store it in a clean and dust-free place to prevent the inner fabric from being polluted by the environment.

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