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PM2.5 Cotton Black Mouth Mask With Valve Anti-Dust Mask Activated Carbon Filter Windproof Mouth-Muffle Bacteria Flu Face Masks

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PM2.5 Cotton Black mouth Mask with valve anti-dust mask Activated carbon filter Windproof Mouth-muffle bacteria proof Flu Face masks

–Use disposable mask pads to reduce the waste of masks.
–Use a disposable mask pad to enhance defense effects.
–Use disposable mask pads to extend the life of the mask.
–Affordable price, complete variety, convenient for your purchase and timely protection of family health.
–The mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so that all inhaled air can pass through the mask filter.

Diameter Size: 12.5 * 8 cm

How To Use:
1:After washing your hands,take out the product.
2:Place the mask pad in the mask to prevent slipping.
3:Install the mask pad,fit your face and wear the mask correctly.

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